RF Connectors
BNC Connectors
BNC Connectors are miniature, lightweight connectors. BNC connectors are used in RF signal connections, video signals, amateur radio antenna connections, aviation electronics, medical equipments, LAN devices, Ethernet network cards, broadcast equipments, instrumentations and test equipments. BNC stands for Bayonet Neill Concelman is named after Carl Concelman. It features two bayonet lugs on the female connector. BNC connectors areideally suited for cable termination for miniature to subminiature coaxial cables like RG-58, RG-59, RG-179, RG-316.
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F Connectors
F connectors are a type of RF connectors that are primarily used in GPS, Television, Cable TV connections, Satellite dishes, cable modems and wireless with RG-6/U or RG-59/U cables. F connector was invented by Eric Winston while working on cable television technology. F connectors are very cost effective and has male connector body which is crimped or sometime screwed onto the outer braid.
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Mini UHF Connectors
Mini UHF Connectors are a miniature version of UHF connectors. UHF Series Connectors invented in 1930s are general purpose connectors. They are designed for use as coaxial connections in automotive, cell phone, CB communications, PAS, CCTV and Civil defense applications.
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N Connectors
N series RF Connectors are used in Lab testing, Satellite TV and where precision applications are required.
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SMA Connectors
SMA Connectors are precision connectors for Microwave applications upto at least 18 GHz. The main feature are higher mechanical strength, high durability and low VSWR. Mature design principles, careful manufacturing at all stages and a thorough qualify assurance organization are the basis for the well known quality of the SMA connectors.
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SMB Connectors

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TNC Connectors
TNC SERIES connectors are medium size Co-axial connectors with threaded coupling. They are widely used in Vibration exposed equipment.
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UHF Connectors
UHF Series Connectors are general purpose connectors. They are designed for CB communication, PAS, CCTV and Civil defense applications.
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