RF connectors also known as radio frequency coaxial connectors are basically electrical connectors that operates in the multi-megahertz range. They are typically used with coaxial cables. RF connectors normally has threaded or spring mechanism. RF connectors are primarily used in wireless industry, telecommunication field such as WiFi, Antennas, Radio, Computer networks. RF Connectors are available as standard types, miniature type, sub-miniature type and precision type.
BNC Connectors
Ideal for telecommunications, test, medical and various electronic equipments, Antenna, networking cards, and ethernet devices.
F Connectors
Designed for cable television, satellite television and Cable modems with RG-6/U and RG-59/U cables
SMA Connectors
Semi-precision w/Thread. coupling. They are sub--miniature and used in high frequency applications
N Connectors
Co-axial connectors with Screw Coupling. Used in Lab testing, satellite TV & where precision is required.
TNC Connectors
Medium Size Co-Axial connectors with threaded coupling. Widely used in Vibration exp. equipment
UHF Connectors
General Purpose Connectors. They are designed for CB communications, Civil Def. CCTV & PAS.
Mini UHF Connectors
General Purpose Connector. They are designed for Citizen's band radios, Mobil phones, Low cost LAN, CCTV and Civil Defense
Kits &Tools
30 pieces in a soft leather case with 2 pieces of male and female of BNC, Mini-UHF, N, SMA, TNC, UHF and 6 pieces of universal adapters